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About Us

While being a member is a great way to enjoy time with fellow military spouses, did you know that being part of the DMSC means that you are helping to make a powerful impact in our community? Partnered with our sister non-profit, the Davis Monthan Thrift Shop, and other local supporters, members of the DMSC make it possible to provide scholarships to local military spouses and dependents. In addition, grant money is awarded to charitable organizations on base, within our community and throughout our nation. Our members work to create great opportunities for others!


Advisors and Executive Board

Michelle Mills, Advisor

Wendy Council, Advisor

Laura Sheets, Advisor

Michaela Rosales, President

Diana McAlroy, Administrative Vice President

Jody Fisher, Charitable Vice President

Marissa Gross, Treasurer

McKel Wahlstrom, Secretary

Tara McKinney, Parliamentarian

Governing Board

Ami Tucker / Cheryl Ruch, Programs

Karen Pegg, Marketing and Administration

Jennifer McGee, Membership

April Golden, Retiree Liaison

Leia Hamm, Special Activities

Courtney Linge, Reservations

Diana McAlroy, Cookie Crunch

Marissa Kurth, Hospitality

Annie Burnett, Scholarships

Gina Cristoffer, Charitable

Meghan Vollkommer, Thrift Shop Operations

Devyn Noto, Thrift Shop Donations

Nicole Harris, Thrift Shop Publicity

Carolyn Barton, Thrift Shop Volunteers

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