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Join us now for our 2024-2025 year!

Annual membership runs from June 1st – May 31st.


Pay online: Use the applicable button below.
Pay by mail: Send check, made payable to DMSC, to PO Box 15280, Tucson, AZ 85708.
Pay in person: Cash, Check, or Credit Card accepted at DMSC socials.

Membership Types

Membership is offered in three categories – Regular, Associate, and Honorary

A. Regular Members Eligibility

  • Spouses of active duty members, Reserve or Guard members, and equivalent in Civil Service or contract personnel assigned to Davis-Monthan AFB or residing in the Tucson/Pima County area.
  • Dual military spouses.
  • Spouses of retirees.
  • Unmarried widows or widowers.

B. Associate Members Eligibility

  • Spouses of service members of other nations.
  • Former spouses of military members who have been granted military ID cards under the Former Spouses Protection Act, Public Law 97-252 (Title 10 U.S. Code, sec. 1404, seq., “the 20/20 former spouse”).
  • Other adult dependents of service members.
  • Any service member, including Reserve or Guard members, whether active duty or retired.
  • A spouse of an equivalent retired from the civil service residing in the Tucson/Pima County area.

Associate members shall have the right to attend socials and events, vote and chair committees; they may not hold an elected office nor be appointed Parliamentarian.

C. Honorary Members Eligibility

  • The President and Advisors, with the approval of the governing board, may extend invitations to potential honorary members for a period of one board year.
  • Spouses of civilians in the Tucson/Pima County area who show exemplary support of the DMAFB community.
  • Spouses, widows, and widowers who are spouse club members elsewhere.

Honorary members shall have the right to attend socials and events.

If you have any questions about our membership, feel free to contact our Membership Chair at



The DMSC Sponsorship Program allows our club to anonymously match up senior and junior members through pledges and requests.

Only the Parliamentarian and Treasurer have access to responses and will contact members once they have been matched for a sponsorship.

Complete the form by clicking the link below to PLEDGE or REQUEST an amount to cover dues for a junior member.

(Only one sponsorship per person may be granted each 6 months.)


If you have any questions about our sponsorships, feel free to contact our Parliamentarian at

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